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Moroccan Style Blue Mirror

Yellow green bowl

Orange red bowl

Black cat

Black dog

Green square mat

Red tray

Wild Boar

Trinket Box

Pink Heart

Blue Mosaic glass tile mat

Lilac mosaic glass tile bowl

A set of four coasters in blue mosaic tiles

Mosaic vase in vivid blues

Amber tray using mosaic tiles and decoupage

pearlescent bowl 2

small green butterfly

small pink orange butterfly

Viewing Station


Lacquered red/orange bowl

Lacquered blue/green bowl

Medium Blue Platter

Mosaic Dragonfly

Mosaic Gecko

Green lacquered bowl

Dove of Peace

Cat grooming

Square Mosaic Table

Sitting Cat

Red/gold platter

Pearlescent Platter

Round bowl

Square Blue Mirror

Christmas Decorations

turquoise planter 2.jpg

Pebble orange and red planter

blue gold bowl.jpg

Green man

Blue Moroccan style mirror

black cat.jpg

Blue/Green bowl

Topaz Mirror

Three Butterflies

Pink Round Mirror

Blue Moroccan Mirror
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